The Inescapable Rise of 3D Printed Clothing

With the growing expansion of areas in which 3D printing can be used, it is no surprise that the apparel industry is also in the process of being conquered. While the concept of printing our own 3D printing clothes from the comfort of our homes may seem outlandish, ground-breaking technological advances in the fashion industry prove that it is more a matter of when than if. Well-esteemed fashion names, such as ​Zac Posen​, have already made use of 3D printing to showcase intricate, often kaleidoscopic designs both on the runway and in exhibits like the Met Gala. But such cutting-edge innovation doesn’t run cheap, with million-dollar machines utilized throughout the lengthy processes, thus slowing its growth beyond high-end fashion and into the mainstream 3D printed clothing industry.

Best Boden Black Friday Deals 2020: Get 40% off Boden here

Mumsnet users love a good Boden deal – and this coming Black Friday will have a ton of them for you to choose from. But sifting through pages of products may not be the most efficient way to spot the best offers on their site. Especially as sizes run out pretty fast. Cut your shopping time in half by discovering the best deals they have right here on this page, as we’ll be on alert and adding the biggest discounts below. You’re welcome!

Best Lovehoney Black Friday deals 2020: Up to 70% OFF

There’s no denying that sex toys offer a helping hand when things have lost their spark in the bedroom, but the satisfaction of investing in your own pleasure feels so much better when it comes wrapped in a bargain too. This Black Friday, Lovehoney is set to announce mind-blowing reductions on some of the most popular toys among Mumsnet users this year – so why not acquaint yourself with those products before they go on sale?

12 classic films and shows that are getting a TV remake or spin-off

With the success of Will and Grace, Cobra Kai and Better Call Saul, it's understandable that producers are eager to adapt more classic films and shows into new material. This year will see many beloved films and shows from the past get a 2018 adaptation, and most of them look more than enticing. Binge-watchers will soon be spoiled for choice, as everything from Four Weddings and a Funeral to The Twilight Zone is getting the TV treatment - but which ones are you most excited for?

15 downright horrifying films about killer animal attacks

Jason Statham's newest film, The Meg, sees a 75-foot-long prehistoric shark wreak havoc in modern waters. Much like Jaws - but on a much bigger scale. And whilst we all know that a massive killer shark certainly makes for a good horror film, there are several other gory flicks out there that have successfully turned animals into terrifying monsters too. Films like Piranha, Eight-Legged Freaks and even Anaconda, use animals like fish, snakes and spiders to terrify audiences out of their wits.

7 apps to help you get the perfect selfie

Ask any celebrity and they'll tell you - there is power in having a good Instagram account. It can get you sponsorship deals, modelling jobs and even a better chance of appearing on shows like Love Island. Now, everyone knows that the perfect Instagram account wouldn't be complete without the odd selfie, but creating an image that's good enough to post isn't easy. After taking a hundred photos and whittling them down to one, things still aren't complete until you use a photo-editing app to get the right look. Easily accessed on your phone, photo-editing apps are a quick and easy way to spice up your images in a subtle but effective way. So if you'd like to know which ones are the best for taking your photos from drab to fab - then look no further. We're hooking you up with our top photo-editing apps down below.

Six unlikely film characters people are weirdly attracted to

With the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans occupying your screen, it would seem almost ridiculous to cast your romantic attentions elsewhere. However, the most recent addition to Marvel's Avengers franchise has seen this happen, with most fans confessing their love for the big-chinned, purple-skinned character of Thanos. This isn't the weirdest attraction that people have had recently. The newest trailer of Venom revealed that most fans like their men with curling tongues and gnashing fangs instead of the usual, more human traits.

Things to do on Friday the 13th instead of coping with Donald Trump's UK visit

Yesterday, the White House announced that Donald Trump will visit the UK in July, on Friday the 13th. Whilst choosing this famously superstitious date has been described as a "PR fail" by some, others have called the choice fitting in light of the mass protests that are likely to take place on the day of his arrival.The coming visit will certainly be tame in comparison to the lavish welcome Theresa May received during her visit to the US last year, as the President is said to be limiting his time to talks in Downing Street. It is also understood that he would like to meet the Queen. Reactions to the news have come in waves since yesterdays announcement, with most Brits vowing to host a number of protests across the nation. However, if you'd rather not get wrapped up in the hubbub of Trump's visit, here are some suggestions of what else you could do on Friday the 13th instead.

23 hilarious memes about Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron's "bromance"

40-year-old French president, Emmanuel Macron, made his first official visit to the US yesterday; and whilst the trip was intended for political affairs, the hot topic on everyone's lips was the blossoming bromance between he and Trump. With a 31 year age difference between them, the two were all kisses, hand-holding and hugs throughout the day, sparking a flood of surprised reactions from people across the globe.

The weirdest Royal Wedding memorabilia that you can buy

The upcoming royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will undoubtedly be one of 2018's biggest events, with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Elton John rumoured to be attending. As royal nuptials go, it's sure to be a star-studded affair, but unlike Prince William and Kate Middleton's unsparing ceremony from 2011, this guest list will be vastly toned down in comparison (St George's chapel can only hold 800 – which is noticeably less than the 1,900 who attended Prince William and Kate's wedding in Westminster Abbey). It wouldn't be unfair to describe the forthcoming wedding as somewhat low-key, but the same certainly can't be said of the world's growing excitement. Merchandise for the occasion has been on the shelves since the engagement was announced last year, with everything from celebratory mugs to elaborately designed T-shirts available.

10 hilarious Twitter suggestions for what Khloe Kardashian should name her baby

According to a tweet from Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian has given birth to a baby girl, with some speculating that it might have been the shock of Tristan Thompson's alleged infidelity that sent her into labor. The 33-year-old reality star was already nearing her due date, however, which has made the recently leaked footage of Tristan's alleged cheating all the more brutal in fans' eyes. Nonetheless, another Kardashian in the world equates to happy news for fans of the clan, and people are already wondering what the newborn will be called. Whilst some have offered their own heartfelt suggestions, it's the more hilarious comments on Twitter that have caught our eyes.

‘Westworld’ Season 2 – Everything You Need To Know

Westworld came at a time when good TV had almost been deemed a scarcity. The gripping sci-fi drama triumphed not only because of its star-studded cast – containing everyone from Ed Harris to Thandie Newton – but also, its compelling plot, granting as many questions as it did answers. Within just a few episodes, Westworld’s popularity was on par with HBO’s other prime-time success – Game of Thrones – as, after each week, fans all over the globe flooded social media with theories, reactions and questions; transforming the show into a runaway hit by the end of its first season. This Spring will see the show return for a long-awaited continuation to season one’s breath-taking finale. So, to prepare you all for what’s to come, here’s a quick run-down of what you need to know:

8 Of The Best TV Shows To Look Forward To This Year

This TV series has been described as a gritty cross between 'Glee' and 'Friday Night Lights', which is one of the most unexpected combinations we’ve ever seen. It’ll follow the students and teachers of a sketchy high school as they try to put on a performance of the highly-acclaimed (and sexually-charged) musical 'Spring Awakening'. The stellar cast of this upcoming show is more than enough reason for viewers to tune in. Auli’i Cravalho, who voiced 'Moana' in 2016, will be starring alongside Josh Radnor – who played Ted Moseby in 'How I Met Your Mother'. Oh – and did we mention that this series is produced by the makers of hit Broadway musical 'Hamilton'? Because it is.

18 Up And Coming Actors That Are Going To Be Huge In 2018

Having starred in two of 2017’s biggest films – Lady Bird and Call Me By Your Name – 21-year-old Timothee Chalamet has certainly burst onto the scene with the right works under his sleeve. Eagle-eyed fans might recognize him from the first season of Homeland or his slightly less meatier stint in Interstellar, but it can’t be denied that his more recent role as 17-year-old Elio, alongside Armie Hammer in Call Me By Your Name, truly showcased his talent, which boasts a myriad of emotive micro-expressions and natural, believable character immersion.

The Troubling Reason Why Everyone Is Using The Hashtag #MeToo

Less than two weeks ago, Hollywood was shaken by an article written by the New Yorker, in which movie producer, Harvey Weinstein (the co-founder of Miramax), was accused of sexually abusing several actresses he’d worked with over the years.The revelation rid Weinstein of his job, wife and position on the Oscars board, placing him at the centre of a gruelling police investigation spanning all the way from the FBI to Scotland Yard.

'Hunger Games' Actress Amandla Stenberg Returns With Teen Romance 'Everything, Everything'

I caught up with Amandla on the morning of the New York premiere for her new film, Everything, Everything. 6.30am for her, 2.30pm for me. Despite those clearly ungodly hours, the 18-year-old actress was more than charming as she filled me in on the many hectic tasks that she was set to conquer throughout the day. (Fun fact: it turns out that walking the red carpet, as glamorous a feat it may seem, is no easy job – especially if it’s for the premiere of your own film.) It wasn’t long before we reached the subject of her many achievements, and – needless to say – she definitely had some stories to tell …

Here's Why Trump Might Actually Get Impeached This Time

The last two weeks have definitely not been the best in Donald Trump’s life. James Comey (former director of the FBI) was fired on May 9th, and since then, it’s been revelation after revelation. Now, in the latest drama of Trump’s presidency, many political leaders are calling for his impeachment. Yes, I know what you’re thinking – sooo many people have said this before – but this time, it’s a real possibility. Why? Maybe because Trump went on Twitter and blatantly admitted that he leaked confidential information to Russia, which was basically just the icing on top of a really large cake. Of course, there are a couple other things that have contributed to this sudden demand for his dismissal – and we’re going to lay them out below.

Crazy 4 Corbyn: How Jeremy Corbyn Got The Youth On His Side

Many young people will probably agree that the name ‘Jeremy Corbyn‘ didn’t mean much to them until around a year ago. His passionate participation in debates and youth talks was what introduced him to us as a man who seemed to care about our input, existence and future. Of course, these were only the early days of Corbyn’s interaction with us millennials. Brexit happened, the UK voted, and we returned to our realities of unemployment, sky-high tuition fees and apparent obsession with avocados.

Jeff Sessions Saying 'I Don't Recall' During Trump Trial Gets Remixed Into Catchy Song

The Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions has had a bit of trouble with his memory recently. During a trial regarding Trump’s alleged ties to Russia, the 70-year-old politician was unable to recall pretty much anything when questions regarding former FBI-director James Comey and the President were asked. It wasn’t difficult for viewers to catch onto Sessions’ game, which was, apparently, just a nervous rendition of the ‘I don’t recall’ song. Whilst being questioned by Senator Kamala Harris, the politician grew flustered, and eventually admitted that her line of questioning was too fast for him to keep up with (“I’m not able to be rushed this fast, it makes me nervous”.) Bear in mind that this man is a lawyer himself, and Senator Kamala wasn’t exactly hurtling along her sentences in the same manner as Skepta during his bars in ‘Shutdown‘.
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